Created in partnership with Bob Marley’s family, the Marley Beverage Co. is committed to crafting products that are faithful to his legacy.

Bob lived naturally. He practiced a philosophy of enjoying only natural, unprocessed ingredients. With the strong belief in a higher power of how natural ingredients affect the body and mind. That’s where our story begins, with a commitment to great tasting, natural and functional beverages.

Then the story becomes yours. If you want to relax and get ready for the pure experience of a moment, or if you want to indulge in everything the moment has to offer, there’s a great tasting Marley Beverage to help you live every moment. Naturally.

Relax, Naturally

Inspired by Bob’s natural lifestyle and appreciation for all that life offers, every Mellow Mood decaffeinated tea and sparkling water gives you a delicious and refreshing way to relax, come back to center and get set to enjoy wherever the moment takes you.

Savor The Moment

Bob lived life to its fullest. He reveled in moments that made life most rewarding for him. One Drop helps you do the same combining its bold Jamaican coffee blend, with rich, creamy sweetness. Live life’s sweetest moments, passionately. Savor the moment.